About Server Monitoring 

Our server monitoring solution provides you with an overall picture of your hosting so you can proactively address issues affecting your server performance. With real-time alerting you can choose to react to notifications in minutes or (depending on your Moniotring Level) you can choose for a Memset System administrator to respond.

We currently offer two levels of server monitoring a "Basic" option, which is included free of charge on all servers and an "Advanced" which is available as an Additional Extra.

Basic Monitoring

With our Basic Server Monitoring, this is included as standard with all Cloud VPSs and Dedicated Servers, with this level we regularly check that your server is accessible and responsive to ping requests. While this is self-monitored, if the server becomes unavailable for more than 10 minutes we will automatically attempt to reboot the server (unless configured otherwise).

Additionally for Dedicated Servers this also includes RAID monitoring, which will check the Status of the RAID array on your server.

Advanced Monitoring

All aspects of basic monitoring are included, but in addition we monitor key elements of your server – including;

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • SSH
  • HTTP
  • SMTP / IMAP / POP3
  • Load Monitoring
  • Disk Space Usage
  • and many more...

alerting you to issues before they have impacted your performance and as soon as they happen so you can work to resolve the issue before it causes any disruption.

With Advanced Monitoring they can be configured to send and email and/or an SMS alert to any Email/Number of your choice notify you of any problems. For Servers on our Premium Support Levels, you can also configure alerts to go directly to a Memset on-call systems administrator or just to Warn Memset of the Alerts. Duplicate rules can be configured with different destinations so that both you and Memset can be notified of the same issue at the same time.

Advanced Monitoring is available as an upgrade on all Cloud VPSs and Dedicated Servers. 

Monitoring Agent

For Advanced monitoring we install an agent (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE) or a Zabbix Agent) on your server. This agent performs the internal monitoring of the server's disk space and load level. 

If this conflicts with your own monitoring solution, please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss your needs further.

Programmatic Service Status (API)

The status of your Monitoring Rules can also be retrieved using our API

See the server status section of the API for more information. If you are new to our API, be sure to view the examples in various languages

Firewall Rules

In order for our monitoring services to function as expected it is important that you allow ICMP, UDP and TCP traffic from our Monitoring Server IPs which can be found here.

Additional Information