MemShell is an out-of-band, secondary method of administering your server in case you loose access via other primary methods such as SSH or RDP.

There are two versions of MemShell available;

  • MemShell SSH for both Cloud VPSs and Linux Dedicated Servers 
  • MemShell VNC for Windows Cloud VPSs

The SSH Option allows you to use an SSH client to access the server's console, and the VNC Option allows you to use a modern web browser to access the server's graphical interface.

Neither methods should be used as a primary method of accessing the server.

The "MemShell Settings" page of each server can be found by selecting either "Cloud VPS" or "Dedicated Servers" from the main Overview Page in your Memset Control Panel. The list that follows will contain all of the Cloud VPSs or Dedicated Servers in the account, for the server in question select the "Manage" option, from here on the right side under "Management Tools" select the "MemShell Settings" option.

By default MemShell is disabled, you will then see a Page similar to this;

To Enable MemShell, select the "Enable MemShell" button and then the MemShell option will be activated and details on how to connect to MemShell will be displayed, additionally a random password will be generated for you, you can use this password to connect to MemShell.

Connections Methods