In order to get the Website Firewall Platform live, there are a few steps that you need to complete. If all of your services (DNS, Firewalling, SSL etc) are with Memset, then this should be fairly straightforward.

Note: If you have services with other providers then you may need to take some additional steps or contact them for further assistance.

These steps can be completed in any order, however we recommend you complete them in the order listed below. You can click on any of the steps below to be taken to further details on them.

Most steps will need to be completed from the “Manage” section of your Website Firewall Platform, see “Managing your Website Firewall Platform” for details on how to access this.

Once all steps have been completed, your site will then be protected by the Website Firewall Platform.

While this is considered a "Self Managed" product, if at any time you have any issues, or have any questions, please open a Support Ticket with our Technical Support Team whom will be able to assist you further.