When you first order the Website Firewall Platform, you will be prompted for the Domain that you would like the Firewall to protect.

The Website Firewall Platform works by intercepting all web traffic intended for your webserver and inspecting it for malicious content, before redirecting it onwards. In order for this to occur, you must update your DNS records to point to the correct Website Firewall Platform address.

Once the Website Firewall Platform is live, you need to make some changes to your DNS records to ensure all traffic to the site is routed through the Firewall first.

Essentially, you need to change the records that point to your website, to point to the Website Platform Firewall’s IP Address.

If your DNS for the site is hosted with Memset, this can be done through your control panel.

  • From the main overview page for your Website Firewall Platform, select the "Change DNS A Records” button.
  • This will then show you a list of all DNS “A” Records found that point to your domain.
  • For each record that is not pointing to your Website Firewall Platform, you can then select the option to switch it your Website Firewalls IP address.
  • For any records that are already pointing to the Website Firewall Platform, a message stating “This record is already pointing to the website firewall IP” will be displayed.
  • Once you have changed all the records, you are required to press the “Update DNS Records” button.
Changes to the DNS Records are applied once every 15 minutes, and can take a short while to propagate outwards.

If your DNS for the website is hosted, elsewhere you will need to make the changes with your DNS provider. You will need to change the “A” record for your site to point to the “Internal domain IP” for your Website Firewall Platform, this can be found in the “Firewall Info” table on the main overview page.

When configuring your DNS make sure you only change the records for your website, so as not to impact any additional services that you may be hosting.


A separate licence / Website Firewall Platform is required for every subdomain (this.site.com) and unique website structure.