Memset's Website Firewall Platform (powered by Sucuri), provides filtering for attacks aimed at websites, such as the;

  • Mitigation and filtering of inbound DDoS attacks,
  • Automatic acceleration of content via a global CDN,
  • Real-time monitoring for compromise, reputation and uptime.

Web-Application Firewall and DDoS Mitigation

  • Guards against common web-application attacks - SQL Injection, RCE, RFU, XSS, etc
  • Filtering of DDoS traffic away from your server
  • Brute force protection.
  • Mitigates malicious scanning and bot activity

Global CDN Acceleration

  • High performance global caching
  • Anycast network (CDN) with PoP's in 9 locations geographically
  • HTTP/2 enabled
  • Configurable caching strategy

Website Monitoring

The monitoring element of the product will scan every 6 hours and report on the following:

  • Possible hosted malware
  • Scanning for signs of compromise
  • SEO SPAM scanner
  • Blacklisting notification
  • Uptime monitoring
  • DNS and SSL/TLS updates

The results of the latest monitoring scan can be found in the "View Scan Results" section of the Website Firewall Platform.

Infrastructure Locations

Our partner proxies and endpoints are in a variety of locations including:

  • San Jose, CA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Washington, DC
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan

Purchasing and Provisioning

Customers can purchase the Website Firewall Platform to protect any domains from the Memset website. We do not need to host the domain, website or DNS records. The product is licensed individually per domain and subdomain registered.

Note: To purchase this product neither your domain, website or DNS records needs to be hosted with Memset

Once purchased, customers are required to log into their Memset Control Panel to complete final configuration and activation of the product. Customers must update their DNS records (or allow us to do this automatically where Memset hosts the DNS) and select from a range of SSL/TLS certificate options. Once these steps are completed, final activation of the product can take up to 48 hours due to the speed of the customer's DNS propagation. More details on our setup documentation can be found here.


The results of the latest monitoring scan can be found in the Memset Control Panel. The customer's primary account holder will also be emailed with daily report of activity from the Website Firewall Platform.

Compromised Webserver

In the event that you suspect your webserver has been compromised, we recommend that you reimage from a recent backup and rotate all relevant credentials. Please open a Ticket with our Technical Support Team if you would like to discuss this further.