This is a really basic example of using the Memset Advanced Monitoring against a Web Server listening on TCP Port 80. The alert contact is set to 'Email to:' which means that the email address provided will receive an alert.

To configure this, Log in to your control panel and click 'Your Services'. Next to the server you want to monitor, click 'Status' then 'Add or Modify rules'.

From the drop down list, select the service to be monitored. The default option is 'HTTP / Apache'.

Then select the Alert Contact type and enter an Email Address, and then click the 'Submit' button to save your changes.

The page will then be update and you will see your new Monitoring Rule has been added.

A few minutes after adding the Rule, go back to the control panel and click 'Server Status' option to see the effect of the new rule. It may still show as pending, as it takes a short while for the monitoring check to actually run.

You can then add similar rules for any other additional services that you are running e.g. MySQL, SMTP (for email) as well as checks for SSL Certificate Validity, Disk Space and more.