Applies To: CLOUD VPS

It is natural that over time the data on your Cloud VPS will outgrow its disk space but not necessarily RAM or CPU. While you can upgrade the Disk Space on your server this may prove to be costly, but now with Cloud VPS Block Storage you can easily and cost effectively increase your available disk space.

Cloud VPS Block Storage allows you to reliably increase your disk space by up to 5TB on demand. This can all be done in a few clicks in the Memset Control Panel or at the point of ordering any new Cloud VPS.

How it Works?

Block storage volumes appear as normal hard disks. They are unaffected by Cloud VPS snapshots and re-images, which means that you can use them to store application data independently from the operating system software.

The Block Storage is Network Based Storage that is attached to your server for use, as such its not designed to run critical or IO Intensive systems such as Databases or anything where the Read/Write time should be kept to a minimum.


The following pages look at the Block Storage in more detail.