Documentation and Resources for Developers

Our Object Storage (Memstore) is based on OpenStack Object Storage, which is compatible with a wide range of other Products, below is a link to the official API Documentation.

Additionally, we also provide extra methods through Memset API:

You may want to take a look to Memset's Blog for further ideas and inspiration.

Authentication APIs

Our Object Storage supports two authentication APIs: Auth 1.0 (swift) and Auth 2.0 (keystone). Please read our Container Access Control List documentation for details about user management.

Auth 1.0 (swift)

This authentication API is compatible with most OpenStack Object Storage and Cloud Files consumers.

Auth 2.0 (keystone)

This is the new authentication API that is replacing Auth 1.0 for new OpenStack Object Storage consumers.

  • URL:
  • Username: your Object Storage (Memstore) username (e.g. admin).
  • Password: the user password.
  • Tenant name: your Object Storage (Memstore) name (e.g. mstestaa1).

Depending on the library you're using you may also need the service name ('memstore'), the region (usually 'reading', check your Object Storage's Network Zone in your control panel), and the URL type ('publicURL').

Compatible Libraries

Tools & Code Samples