Applies To: DOMAINS

Transferring "" and "" Domains to a new Registrar

The registration of a "" or "" domain can be transferred to a new organisation so they manage the renewal of the domain can be achieved via the OpenSRS interface. In order to do this the following steps must be followed:

  1. Contact the new registrar and obtain the IPS Tag.
  2. Browse to the OpenSRS interface and open the Domain Extras section.
  3. Enter the IPS Tag in the box labelled Domain Tag change away.
  4. Select the Save Configuration button to complete the change.

Please note the following:

  • If you wish to update the nameservers for the domain this must be done before modifying the IPStag. This is because on the current tag holder can modify the nameservers for the domain. Once it is changed then only the new tag holder can change the nameservers for you.
  • This procedure only applies to and domains. If you wish to transfer the registration of all other domain you will need to contact the gaining registrar and organise the transfer through them.

Domain Locking and Unlocking

Some domains come with a status that disables the ability transfer the registration of a domain to a new company. This is a security feature and ensures that domains cannot be modified without the explicit consent of the owner. However, it also means the domain will need unlocking before it can be moved to a new registrar.

This status is toggled in the Domain Locking section of the OpenSRS control panel.

How to Obtain an Authorisation Code

When some domain's registration is transferred to a company an authorisation code (auth code or EPP code) is required. This is an additional level of security as a transfer cannot be initiated by the new company without an auth code. This ensures that the current owner of the domain is aware of and approves of the transfer of the domain.

In order to obtain this code you must log into the OpenSRS interface and browser to the Domain Extras section. The current authorisation code is listed in box labelled Domain Authorization Information.