Clicking "Manage" on the relevant domain or sub-domain in the Website Firewall Platform overview allows you to configure the settings for that instance.

Summary Section

This section contains an overview of billing and subscription information

Management Tools Section

This section allows you to configure your firewall instance for this domain or subdomain. Options include:

  • Manage Website Firewall Platform – Security and CDN settings.
  • Disable Firewall Bypass – Auto configure your Memset network firewall to enhance the protection provided by the Website Firewall Platform.
  • Add/Remove Domain Aliases – Set domain aliases to allow other domain names to be redirected via the Website Firewall Platform.
  • Change DNS A Records – Manage the DNS, auto configure Memset-hosted DNS.
  • Manage SSL – Select from customer SSL certificate upload, auto configuration using a Memset-hosted SSL certificate or auto generation of a new Lets Encrypt certificate.
  • Renewals and Cancellations – Manage subscription periods and cancel the product for this domain.
  • Search for Invoices - Allows you to search for any invoices relating to this Website Firewall Platform.

Firewall Info Section

This section gives real-time updates for the networking, SSL, DNS and firewall statuses. It also provides the latest website monitoring scan results and an option to clear the DNS cache.