Applies To: DOMAINS

Managing Contacts

All domains have a person or organisation listed as the owner (or registrant). However, many domains, in addition to the owner have several contacts associated with the domain. The purpose of these contacts is to divide the responsibilities of managing domains between people or company departments or different organisation. It is also entirely possible that all the contacts are exactly the same person.

The contacts, in addition to the owner (or registrant) are as follows:

  • Technical Contact
  • Billing Contact
  • Administrative Contact
  • Organisation Contact

These contacts of a domain typically have the following roles:

  • Organization Contact - This is information about the company or person which owns the domain name you are managing.
  • Admin Contact - This is the person or entity who is named as "authoritative" as related to decisions made for significant changes to your records.
  • Billing Contact - This is the contact responsible for billing issues with regard to this domain's registration. This is usually set to Memset as they are responsible for maintaining the domain's registration with the registry.
  • Technical Contact - This is the contact who is considered authoritative for this domain name as related to Web hosting, mail, and other DNS records. This is typically set to Memset.

The following table shows which domains available for registration via Memset have which contacts:

Domain TypeRegistrantAdmin ContactTech ContactBilling Contact



Modifying Contacts

Changing a contact is simply a matter of clicking in the appropriate link in the navigation panel of the OpenSRS interface. The navigation panel looks like:

OpenSRS Navigation Panel

The links labelled Admin, Billing and Technical will allow those respective contacts to be edited. The link labelled Organisation will modify the owner details of the domain.

Each page contains a form with the current details. They simply need editing and then saving with the “Save Configuration” button at the bottom of the page.