When will Memset send a renewal invoice?

Memset will email an invoice to the billing contact on the account 30 days prior to the expiry date of the product, unless agreed otherwise. More information on managing the contacts for the account can be found in the Support, Contacts and Userspage in our customer documentation.  

Where can I get a copy of an old invoice?

Memset makes available copies of all invoices that have been issued including invoices that were subsequently cancelled or refunded.  These invoices are available via the Order History and Status page in your Memset Control Panel.  Clicking on an invoice number will display the invoice in HTML format and it can then be saved as a PDF file if required.  The order history page also displays a summary of the invoice number, amount due, status, payment method and invoice date.  

Can I get a paper invoice posted to me?

Memset is not able to post paper invoices. Should you need a paper copy of an invoice simply follow the above instructions for generating a local electronic copy of the invoice and print it locally.

Can I get a VAT-free invoice?

Memset will automatically issue VAT-free invoices if the organisation is a registered charity, and the registered charity number has been supplied to Memset.  Additionally, if the organisation or personal address linked to the Memset account is located outside of the European Union, then no VAT will be added to the invoice.