The R1Soft Backup Control Panel uses a number of technical terms that have specific meanings within the Backup Control Panel. This glossary will explain what they mean and how they relate to your backups.

Archive Points

An archive point is a recovery point that is taken out of the Recovery Point pool and will be saved for a longer period of time i.e. an historical backup.

Disk Safe

A disk safe is the virtual container that contains all of the backed up data and it's accompanying information. The disk safe contains the initial backup, all the incremental differences between the restore points and the data needed to put them all back together for a restore.


This is the name given to the data that represents the differences between the initial backup and each subsequent replication.

Incremental Backups

Incremental backups are backups that, after an initial complete backup of the filesystem, will only store the changes that have occurred on the server since that last incremental backup. This type of backup is very space efficient as only a single full copy of the file system and the subsequent changes are stored.

Merge Recovery Points

Merging a recovery point means joining it into the one that follows it and thereby deleting. Merging will also take place after every backup after the recovery point limit is reached. If the recovery point limit is set to 7 then, on the 8th backup, the 1st recovery point will be automatically merged into the 2nd in order to keep the number of recovery points at 7.

Locking Recovery Points

Locking a recovery point means that it will never get deleted, or merged, by the R1Soft. It will remain in the recovery point pool until it is unlocked or manually merged. Please see the Managing Recovery Points section for further information.


Policies are how the the backup server is configured to to take backups. Policies contain a schedule, information on what to backup (devices, files, databases, email, etc) and what to exclude. Memset creates a default policy to backup the entire server once per day to ensure that backups are taken as soon as the backup service is ordered.

Recovery Points

Each time that a backup is taken it is called a recovery point. These recovery points represent the state of the server at that moment. Data can be retrieved from any recovery point and the files etc, will have the same properties that they had with it was taken.

The number recovery points that are stored is configured in the policy (the Memset default policy has 7). When the server reaches this number the oldest is merged and replaced with the newest. In order to save recovery points for longer periods then they must be converted into Archive Points. Please see the Managing Recovery Points section for more information configuring recovery and archive points.

Users and Groups

The R1Soft control panel is accessed with a username and password. The default user supplied by Memset has full privileges. New users can be added with full or lower privileges. Group creation has been disabled by Memset.


A volume is the virtual container that is allocated to each control panel and contains all the data and configuration for that control panel. As Memset allocates a new dedicated volume to each R1Soft account no new volumes cannot be created via the client control panel.