It may become necessary to free up some space on the R1Soft backup server in order to take a new backup immediately.

It is possible to delete old recovery points but due to the fact that the backups are incremental (i.e. only the changes are backed up, and that any deltas that are required by subsequent recovery points cannot be deleted), the amount of space saved can be quite small.

The process of removing recovery points is called Merging and can be done from the Recovery Points section of the R1Soft interface.

From within the R1Soft Web Interface, select "Protected Machines" on the left side, then select the blue Actions Cog, and then select "Open Recovery Points";

This will then show a list of all the available Recovery Points, You simply need to check all of the Recovery Points that you want to remove and then click on the "Merge Selected" button at the top of the section.

This will then start the Merge Process in the Background, once completed the "State" Column will update from "Available" to "Merged".

Additional Backup Space

If additional backup space is required then this can be purchased and added to your Managed Backups easily. For more information and costs, please contact your Account Manager or our Technical Support team.