FileZilla is a free open source FTP, SFTP and FTPS client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It provides a split-view of local and remote filesystems in a single window.

FileZilla is compatible with the Object Storage's (Memstore) FTP and SFTP interfaces. This guide will explain how to use FileZilla's FTP capabilities to connect to your Object Storage.

  • Open FileZilla
  • Navigate to "File" > "Site Manager" (on older versions this is "Connection Manager") or press CTRL + S on Windows/Linux or CMD + S on a Mac to open the FileZilla Connection Manager.
  • Click New Site.
  • Give the Site a suitable name (e.g. "Memstore") that will help you identify it later.
  • Ensure the Protocol is set to "FTP - File Transfer Protocol"
  • Enter "" as the Host and "21" as the Port.
  • Enter your Access Username (as shown in your Memset Control Panel) for the User. (This is made up of your Object Storage Product Name, followed by a "." followed by the username, e.g. for the product "mstesteaa1" and the user "demo" this would be "mstesteaa1.demo")
  • Enter the Password (if Logon Type is set to "Normal") for your chosen user.
  • If you're not connecting to a particular container and are logging in as the admin user, leave the Default Remote Directory field (under the Advanced tab) alone - otherwise you can specify the container in the path field prefixed by a forward slash (/). For example: /myblog.
  • Leave all other settings as is, and save your changes.

Once all settings have been added you can then connect to your Object Storage over FTP. An example of some completed settings can be seen below;


FTP Transmits Data in Plain text which is considered insecure, we strongly recommend that you use SFTP or a Client using the OpenStack Swift API in order to connect.

Transferring Files

On the left-hand pane, you'll find your local files. The right-hand pane shows the contents of your Object Storage (Memstore) containers. Just drag files and directories between the two panes to begin the transfers.