In order to create custom firewall configuration for your server you first need to create a new Firewall Rule Group. Once the new Rule Group exists you will be able to configure it.

There are two ways to create a new rule group:

  • Create a New (Blank) Rule Group
  • Modify a Template Rule Group

Both options can be managed from your Firewalling Overview page in your control panel.

Once a new Rule Group is created or an existing one saved as a new Rule Group, and before it is assigned to a server, it will appear on the Firewalling Overview page underneath the list of your servers in the "Unused Rule Groups" section until a server is assigned to it.

It will also be available in the drop-down list of available rule groups to be used via the “Edit" option for an existing Server.

Create a New (Blank) Rule Group

To create a new Firewall Rule Group, go to your Firewalling Overview and select the button "Add new rule group".

When a new Firewall Rule Group is created it will be blank and will not contain any rules, you will then need to add your own rules in as required.

Modifying a Template Rule Group

We provide various different Template Rule Groups that can be used, either as is, or as a base for you own custom Rule Groups. Simply select the Template Rule Group you want to use, and then make any changes required, at the bottom of the page, give the Template an appropriate name and any comments, then click the "Save as New" button to create your new Template Rule Group.