cPanel is a popular Web Hosting Control Panel built for the Linux Operating System, that allows you to easily manage and administer your server, as well as providing a wealth of features and functionality. It allows you to automate and manage common web hosting tasks via a simple graphical user interface, create advanced server configurations and it even comes equipped with automatic updates, built-in backups, and all the tools you’ll need to get up and running. Its goal — to make managing servers easier for you and managing websites easier for your customers.

cPanel is Memset's Web Hosting Control Panel of choice and is available to be installed on both our Cloud VPSs and Dedicated Servers (when running with CentOS and 2GB+ of RAM), it is designed to by used by a wide range of different users / use-cases e.g. a Single Personal Website, a Small Business Website, a Web Development Agency or a Web Host re-seller just to name a few.

The cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel is generally split into to main areas, WHM (Web Host Manager) and cPanel.

  • The WHM (Web Host Manager) interface allows you to manage the Global Configuration for you Server, and the installed software e.g. (Apache, PHP, Exim etc), it also allows you to Manage your Accounts (Websites) and provides reporting functionality.
  • The cPanel Interface allows you to manage all the Configuration for a Single Account as well as allowing access to that Accounts Files, FTP Accounts and Emails.

cPanel actively manage and maintain there own Documentation for the features and functionality included within there products, which we recommend you review in the first instance when you need assistance with the product, below are some useful links to the official cPanel Documentation.

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