Null routing is a way to make the internet think that an IP address does not have a destination so any data sent to that IP will not be directed to Memset's network. This works because when data moves between any two machines on the internet every router must know in which direction to send on each packet as it receives it. This is achieved by the large network operators broadcasting to their neighbour networks which IP addresses they are responsible for and where packets bound for their IP addresses should end up.

When an IP is null routed it is broadcast as having no destination at Memset's network so any data that is sent to it will never make it as far as our network equipment. In this way the internet infrastructure does not have to route huge amounts of junk data and Memset's network will not be taken offline as a result of a sustained attack.

Can't you just give me a new IP?

Unfortunately this would only work for a few minutes. The attackers would notice the site back online and simply change the destination IP of their attack to the new one.

For this reason you are not allowed to move your site to another IP or server that you may have with Memset and we are unable to allocate a new IP for you.

When will my IP get routed normally again?

The only solution that Memset can offer is to wait until the attack has stopped. Once that has happened we will route your IP again and your site will resume normal operation.

When an IP is null routed no data will arrive at Memset's network so we cannot tell when the attack has stopped. For this reason the IP is typically left null routed for a minimum of 24 hours.