There are two places in which the following information can be obtained:

  • Total Amount of Backup Space (Quota) Available
  • Total Amount of Backup Space (Quota) in use
  • Date and Time of the last successful backup

This information can be found within the R1Soft interface, however it is not displayed in a single location and takes quite a number of clicks to get to.

As such, Memset extracts this information from the backup server and displays it on the "Managed Backups Settings" page in your Memset Control Panel.

This information looks like the following:

This is the same page that contains the link to log into the R1Soft account and can be found at:

  • Memset Control Panel overiew
  • Select either the "Cloud VPS" or "Dedicated Servers" option.
  • Select "Manage" for the Server you wish to view.
  • Select "Managed Backups Settings"

Update Time

The information shown on this page is not Live, and is periodically updated from the Backup Server at midday (UTC) each day.