To take a snapshot of your Cloud VPS, go to the Manage page of your Cloud VPS within your Memset Control Panel and click on "Server Snapshots and Re-imaging" in the "Management Tools" section. This will show you the following page:

On this page, on the left column, you can managed your snapshots, Here you can check the historic record of your snapshots (if any) under the "Snapshots Log" section, and relevant information such as the status or which Memstore it was stored in.

If there are no pending snapshots, under the "New Snapshot" section you can schedule a new one by choosing the destination storage and the image type you want to use in your snapshot, once selected press the "Take Snapshot" button to start the Snapshot Process.

The snapshot process will be started as soon as possible and the time it takes will depend on the size of your disk and the image type. The new snapshot will be added to the "Snapshots Log" table and it will be updated automatically when the process changes status.

Once your snapshot is complete the status will show as "DONE" in the "Snapshots Log" section, it will then be ready to use and you can access it using any of the Memstore interfaces.