It is possible to take a special type of snapshot to export a Cloud VPS to be used in third party virtualization software.

The image format for the export snapshot can be:

  • VMDK: This format can be used with different virtualisation products, including VMware, VirtualBox or KVM.
  • VHD: This format is recommended for Microsoft virtualisation solutions, such as Virtual PC.

To see which operating systems are supported by our Cloud VPS export tool, please refer to our operating systems page.

Please note that export snapshots can't be used to re-image a Cloud VPS.

Compatibility Notes

The exported virtual machines are autonomous and independent of Memset infrastructure. The configuration of the virtualisation software depends on the operating system version and its configuration.

Microsoft Windows:

  • The virtualisation software must use a disk bus/controller supported by the VM (IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, etc). We recommend trying IDE first as it is usually available in all Windows versions.
  • In some virtualisation software IO APIC may or may not be required (the VM may BSOD-crash or just hang loading crcdisk.sys). For example Windows 2008 won't work on KVM with IO APIC on, but it is required on VirtualBox.


  • CentOS 5 requires an IDE disk bus/controller.

Don't hesitate to contact support if you have problems running your exported Cloud VPS.