The creation of an SSL certificate requires information about the individual or organisation that the certificate will be assigned to.

Shortly after placing the order for the SSL Certificate on the Memset website, an email will be sent that requests the information that will be used to encode into the SSL Certificate Signing Request and additional information for the order process as required by our SSL Provider (Sectigo).

Information required for the SSL Certificate includes;

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email Address (e.g.
    • Note: Unless this is email is listed as the WHOIS Contact for the Domain, it will NOT be used to Validate Ownership of the Domain
  • Full Postal address (Street, Town/City, County, Postcode, Country)
    • If the certificate is for a company then this information should be the same as is listed on the company certificate of incorporation. In the case of individuals, the individuals current address is sufficient.
  • Verification Email Address for the Domain

Once this is done, the Certificate will then start to be generated, before it is issued and available to be installed, you need to validate that you are authorised 

Once the above information is received and the verification email answered affirmatively the certificate will be issued to Memset. The certificate will then appear in your Memset account and will be downloadable from there.

Installation of SSL Certificate

If you would like your SSL Certificate to be installed on your Memset hosted server, please contact our Technical Support Team, who will be able to install the SSL upon request.

Verification Email Address

This will be one of the following email addresses, in this example the SSL Certificate is being issued for ""

Note if you have registered a subdomain, make sure to select the right level of email to use!

The verification email address will be used for an email sent directly from our SSL provider; Sectigo, to an email address at the domain that the SSL certificate is being issued for. This is a further security measure used to ensure that the SSL certificate order is authorised by someone at the organisation.

If needed, we can resend the Domain Control Validation (DCV) Email to any of the approved email addresses for the Domain, if this is required please contact our Technical Support Team.

No Access to Emails

If you do not have access to any of the email options available for your Domain or unable to create them, then we will need to use an alternative method of validation to complete the DCV Process, this will require manual intervention on both sides

1) - We can provide you with a unique DNS (CNAME) Record that will need to be added to your DNS for the Domain, once added and propagated we can validate with this.

2) - We can provide you with a unique file that will need to be uploaded to a specific path on your website and accessible to the internet, once added and tested, we can validate with this.