Memset services will automatically renew by default for an equivalent term, once payment has been received.  Renewal invoices will be created 30 days prior to the expiry date (unless agreed otherwise) and will be emailed to the Billing Contact associated with your account.  For accounts with a debit or credit card as the default payment method, funds will automatically be taken 5 days prior to the renewal date.  Where Direct Debit has been selected as the default method, the account will be charged prior to the renewal date.

For bank transfers or PayPal, the funds must be transferred manually prior to the renewal date.

How do I check an expiry date?

The expiry date can be found on the Manage page for the relevant service. This page can be viewed by visiting the Account Overview page in the Control Panel and selecting 'View all services'.  Selecting 'Manage' for a specific service will display additional information.

How is a Memset product cancelled?

Memset products must be cancelled by submitting a cancellation request online. The cancellation request page is found by selecting 'Manage' for the relevant service, then  'Renewals and Cancellations'.  After a cancellation request is submitted, the product will remain live until the end of the current term unless specifically requested.  Further information on Memset's cancellation policy can be found in the Terms and Conditions. 

What happens to my data when the server is cancelled?

In accordance with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) accreditation, Memset maintains appropriately high assurance processes with respect to the sanitisation of customer storage media throughout the media lifecycle, including during recovery for use by other customers and at end of life.  Storage media containing customer data are tracked by our internal asset management system and are subject to regular internal audit.

When a customer relinquishes use of storage media associated with virtual or dedicated servers, the media is retained in an unavailable 'dirty' state until it is purged using a tool based on DoD and CPNI guidance.  Memset's data sanitisation approach has been reviewed by the PGA and our CHECK ITHC penetration testers, and has been found to be appropriate up to the higher requirements of the PSN (formerly IL3) environment.  Should a physical storage device reach end of life, the device will be retained by Memset in a secure environment until it is physically destroyed onsite by a secure third-party, accredited to BS EN 15713:2009 or CESG CAS-D.  All disposal occurs under Memset supervision and a certificate of destruction is provided and retained.  

Once the disks or partition have been securely erased the data cannot be recovered. All valuable data from the server must be downloaded before the expiry date of the server. If additional time is needed to download data please contact in order to delay the expiry of the server.

A snapshot of a Cloud VPS can be taken prior to the server being cancelled which places a complete copy of the VPS in a Cloud Storage account, where it will be available to download after the server has been taken offline. Please refer to the documentation on creating and managing VPS snapshots for more information on how to do this.

Further information on Memset's data destruction practices is available, or to view a copy of our IS0 27001 policy and certificate click here.