Why are you migrating my VPS server(s)?

As you may know, Memset was acquired by Iomart plc in 2020. Since then we've been working to be able to offer an improved range of services so that you are able to benefit from our being part of one of the UK's leading technology companies.
The Memset VPS platform has been running for many years now and limitations in its design mean that we are not able to offer either the level of resilience or features that our customers need now and into the future. Upgrading your virtual server to the OnApp platform allows us to do that.

What are the benefits of the OnApp platform?

OnApp allows us to provide a fully redundant HA cloud greatly increasing the resilience of the platform. In addition the provision of resource pools allows customers to easily scale their deployments to meet the demands of their applications.

What will happen to my IP Address(es) when my VPS is moved?

Your will retain your IP address(s) after the migration and these will be routed to the iomart.io platform.

How long will the Migration take to complete?

When migrating Linux servers we will be able to perform a "hot copy" prior to any downtime. We will then follow this with a final sync of data with the virtual server powered down. The actual length of downtime will depend on the amount of data present on the server and the number of files. It should only be offline for less than an hour in most cases.

Windows virtual servers will need to be powered off for the duration of the migration. Again though in most instances this should be less than an hour of downtime.

Why do you need ssh access to my server for the migration?

We will need ssh access to your server in order to perform a hot-copy. This is where we will perform an initial data copy while your server is still up and running. This reduces the overall downtime during the migration. We will also need to know which operating system your VPS is currently running. This is important to match to an OnApp "template"

How can I grant SSH access?

To permit ssh access to our migration scripts you will need to ensure firstly that our public ssh_key is present on your server and secondly that our IP range is permitted through any local firewalls you have installed on your server.

You can find all the detail on how to achieve this on the following page -

Memset Access and Monitoring Details

The only IP ranges that you need to permit access to for SSH is &

Please note that leaving your root/admin password with us via the control panel will not suffice. We do need the ssh_key installed.

Where do I login to Manage my OnApp Servers?

Once migrated your new account will be accessible from the following URL -


Your login details will be the same as used to access your Memset control panel.

Will this impact the amount I pay?

All virtual servers that are migrated will keep their renewal price the same as it is currently at Memset.

How do I raise a Support Ticket?

Once migrated you can raise a support ticket through your new control panel by clicking the "Support" menu option.

Why have I not been contacted yet?

We have a great many virtual servers to migrate and will be migrating these steadily over several months. We will contact you prior to your migration date to notify you when we plan to carry out the migration work. If you would like to be migrated sooner please do contact us at customercare@memset.com and we'll schedule your migration in when we can.

What happens to my Server addons?

Vulnerability Management

We will continue to provide existing vulnerability scans through F-Secure Radar

Intrusion Detection

This will continue to run as it does currently.


Firewalling will be provided by the OnApp platform. We will import your existing rules into your new account and you will be able to manage these from there. For more complex requirements it is possible to spin up a pfsense appliance from within your control panel which will be able to 


Backups will be enabled on your iomart.io account by default. These are provided as part of your existing renewal and can be configured through your control panel.

My Server(s) were in Dunsfold, are they still there now?

Our OnApp platform is housed in our flagship datacenter at Maidenhead. 

Where is the Documentation for the OnApp (Iomart.io) Platform?

Documentation for the new platform can be found in the Knowledge Base from your new control panel. This is accessible from the menu on the left hand side.

What about Additional Products and Services?

Load Balancers

Load balancing can be achieved using pfsense


We will mirror your vlan configuration on the new platform. If you require changes to this going forward please raise a support ticket and we can applies these.

SSL Certificates

The management of SSL renewals will move the new control panel. You can view and renew your certificates there.


The management of domain renewals will move to the new control panel. You can view and renew your domains there.

Do I need to change my DNS?

We will transfer your DNS records to the iomart.io nameservers and you will be able to manage these through your new control panel.

What happened to linked Domains/Zones in the DNS?

These are now managed separately, so changes need to be made to each individual Domain now. CNAME records may be of use.

What about the <server>.miniserver.com Hostname?

These will be deprecated as part of the move, you should ensure that no services are using this and setup your own custom hostname as needed. If you have a specific requirement that needs the subdomain under miniserver.com then let us know and we can accommodate this.

What type of migration is being performed?

The File System will be cloned, and the Configuration will be imported to a new OnApp VPS. You will not need to take any action and the VPS will be brought up running as it was on the Memset platform.

Is it possible to schedule my migration for outside office hours of for a specific time?

I'm afraid that due to the number of virtual servers that we have to migrate it isn't possible to schedule your migration for a specific time. We will of course however do everything we can to keep the downtime to the absolute minimum .

I have some more questions who can I ask?

If you have further questions that we haven't been able to answer here please do drop us an email at customercare@memset.com and we'll try to help.