This page details how to bring your own Microsoft Licence into Memset's environment. This is known as licence mobility. If you don't have your own licences then we recommend leasing them from us.

Licence Mobility

Microsoft apply different licensing terms and conditions depending on the type of hosted service;

  • Virtual Server (Cloud VPS)
  • Dedicated Servers (Including Dedicated / Private Cloud VPS Hosts)

Virtual Server (Cloud VPS)

Section Applies To: CLOUD VPS

In addition to licensing Microsoft software from Memset for use on your hosted environments you can:

  • Migrate a service / application from your internal systems to Memset hosted Cloud VPS's.
  • Purchase MS Software and install on Memset hosted Cloud VPS's.

This is known as Microsoft Licence Mobility through Software Assurance. To qualify you must have purchased the service / application via a Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement with Software Assurance through the following schemes:

  • Enterprise Agreement
  • Enterprise Agreement Subscription
  • Select Agreement
  • Academic Select
  • Campus and School Agreement
  • MPSA

If you qualify you are entitled to transfer licences of MS software you have to Memset Cloud VPS's, you can use the links below to do this.

Further Information
Licence Verification Guide
Licence Verification Form

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Dedicated Servers

Section Applies To:  DEDICATED

Microsoft rules for Dedicated Servers are different in that you can install / migrate licensed software you have without the need for a Volume sales channel, Software Assurance or Licence Mobility application.

As long as you have a licence you are not restricted on the software you install.

Therefore you can install your own licensed copy of Microsoft Office or similar if required.

RDS CAL Extended Rights

In addition to the above if you have Remote Desktop SALs for use in your local environments purchased under a Volume License agreement with Software Assurance, you also are entitled to use these at no additional cost against a hosted server at Memset via RDS CAL Extended Rights.


Remote Desktop Services Questions

Can customers use RDS CALs (Client Access License) they own as part of their VL (Volume Licensing) agreement to access Windows Server instances running on Azure or other Service Provider environments?

Effective January 1, 2014, Volume Licensing customers who have active Software Assurance on their RDS User CALs are entitled to RDS CAL Extended Rights, which allow use of their RDS User CAL with Software Assurance against a Windows Server running on Azure or other service providers’ shared server environments. This RDS User CAL Software Assurance benefit allows each User to access RDS functionality only on one shared server environment (i.e. Azure or a third party server) in addition to access the respective on premise servers. To avail this benefit, please complete and submit the License Mobility Verification form to either Azure or an Authorized Mobility Partner where the hosted graphical user interface will be running. More details are available in Appendix 2 of the Software Assurance benefit section of the PUR (Product Use Rights).

Microsoft Software Restrictions

Without any of these agreements in place you cannot install any Microsoft Software you have purchased (Retail or Volume License) in your hosted Cloud VPS environment.
Only certain Services / Applications qualify for Licence Mobility, these are listed in the MS SPUR document.

Microsoft Office is not a Licence Mobility product and can only be installed on Cloud VPS's via Memset supplied versions.

Contact Us

If you opt for Memset to host your additional Microsoft software or RDS CALs please contact us, our licensing and sales teams will advise and assist in confirming service / application eligibility and registration with Microsoft for you.

Microsoft Software Assurance can bring benefits of planning services, training, discounted software for staff to use at home and more.

Software Assurance Overview
Software Assurance FAQ

We provide the above information to ensure you our Microsoft Licensing obligations are met, and communicate additional benefits of Licence Mobility with Software Assurance. We realise Volume Licences and Software Assurance are not for all environments. Memset do not sell Software Assurance. Depending on your Volume Licence agreement type it is included or available as an add on. Contact your Volume Licence reseller for more information.

Please feel free to contact Memset in regard to any of the above. One of our staff will be happy to give impartial advice regarding the benefits of Licence Mobility with Software Assurance.