Applies To: CLOUD VPS DEDICATED Linux Backups

The Memset Managed Backup service provides external backups of data from your Linux server (this includes Servers running with cPanel). This service will log into your server each night and sync data from your server to a dedicated Memset backup server. The directory or directories that are synced will depend on the mode of operation that is selected.

Backup Retention

The Linux Backups will Sync the data from your chosen Backup Directories to the Backup Server each night, as such any File Retention needs to be configured and managed on your local server. The Backups Server will only keep the contents of the Synced directories.

Backup Time

The Memset backup system for Linux servers does not take backups at a fixed time for each server. Rather, the backup can be taken at any time after 11pm UTC. This is why it is very important that any data that is created on the server for backing up by Memset e.g. a database dump, should be ready before 10:45pm UTC to ensure that it is copied correctly by the Memset backup system.

If the backup data is created after 10:45pm UTC there is a chance that the Memset backup system will either take a backup up before the data is created or during its creation, either of which means your data will not be backed up.