You can download your snapshots from your Memstore Account using the web based storage browser, or the FTP/SFTP interfaces (recommended, especially for big files). In that way you can have a local copy of your data, that can be used for testing production environments on your own desktop (resulting RAW or NTFSclone images may be usable with third party virtualisation software - we do not guarantee this, however).

To do so navigate to your Cloud Storage section in your Memset Control Panel, select the Cloud Storage Product and select "Manage", from within the Management page, locate the "Cloud VPS Snapshots" under the "Storage Tools" section, you should see a page like this;

Here you can select you method of access to use, Once you have selected a method, you can then begin downloading the snapshot.

Internally in your Memstore Account, each snapshot is contained in a separate folder. The files you need to download depending the image type are:

  • tar: the file ending in .tar.
  • raw: the file ending in .raw.gz.
  • ntfsclone: the files ending in .xmbr and .img.gz.

Additionally we recommend downloading the README.txt file if available (it includes information to verify the integrity of your snapshot using MD5).

".part" Files

Please Note: You don't need to download the files stored in the .part folder these will be downloaded automatically when the correct file is selected.